• Curtains are one of the decorations for the house that is very important. Curtains are not only used as a window covering the room from the sun or at night, the curtains are so that our rooms are safer when night falls. If we have a daughter and already have our own room, curtains are needed. We don't need to use complicated models,  roller blinds are also very suitable for use in girls' rooms.  

    Minimalist curtains suitable for girls

    Before installing the curtains pay attention to the shape of the window first whether the shape is wide or elongated, or even round. This serves to determine the appropriate minimalist Curtains  model  .

    If a child's room has a simple theme, you can use curtains that only have one color such as light pink, light purple and also with not too many motifs such as striped or polka-dot motif or adjusted to the room theme. In order to display a pleasant impression to be seen, you can also use curtains made from thin to make it look more minimalist, but if children have their own fears, these curtains cannot be used in a child's room. Or if you want to use this thin curtain can also be paired with two models of curtains one thin one rather thick.

    If the shape of the shutters is long and wide, use curtains that are not too thick so as not to appear complicated and tight. This curtain model   is very suitable made with two sides to make it look more simple and elegant.

    Installation of curtains is also very suitable to be installed if in a child's room only has a small window or only half the wall, the choice is to adjust the length of the window and choose soft colors such as cream color, light gray.  

    Whatever form the curtains, the most important in accordance with its function is to maintain the privacy of the room owner and also serves to regulate the quality of light entering the room. And of course provide a sense of comfort for children.

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